Woodpecker Flooring Chepstow Collection

Woodpecker Flooring Chepstow

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 21mm thick
  • 6mm wear layer
  • Bevelled edges
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • board widths vary, Please ask a member fo staff for widths in specific colours.
  • Available in Vanilla Oak, Planned Grey Oak, Sawn Grey Oak, Washed Oak, Rustic Oak, Antique Oak, Charcoal oak, Cocoa Oak.


Woodpecker Flooring Chepstow

Majestic, thick, traditionally oiled boards – strong, hardwearing and charming.
The Woodpecker Flooring Chepstow range is a 21mm thick engineered wood floor from Woodpecker, which can easily be described by the above sentence alone. With it being 21mm thick, it makes it the interior designers choice for engineered wood flooring. Interior designers look for quality to stand by and they also look for investment. The 6mm wear layer n this floor allows it to be sanded down 5-6 times through its lifetime, making it a lifetime floor for you and your children as well as a statement in your home.
When the floor starts showing wear on the top layer, it can be sanded down and re-stained to make it look as good as new. The thicker element also allows for more multiply engineered boarding. Multiply boarding is excellent for the maintenance of your flooring. Wood flooring’s main issue is that it always expands and contracts when it gets warm and cold. Multiply boarding has been a development to help cure these issues. If you can imagine the boards are similar to human beings in how we grow, we tend to grow in a direct (up) as we grow up.
Multiply boarding is then bonded together in many different directions to help prevent the other from expanding in one direction and the next board is doing the same but from a different angle. This then helps prevent excessive expanding and contracting in the ever-changing temperatures in today’s busy homes.

It also comes in an array of great shades to choose from. Like its light planed grey oak, it’s almost one of a kind Sawn grey oak, rustic oak and then bleeding into the antique oak and Distressed Charcoal oak. There is a shade in there to suit any colour scheme and the hundred more shades available when the tie comes to sand down your floor and recraft it again in the years ahead.