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F.A.Q & Contact Information


Know more about soft, man-made, carpets.

What are Polypropylene Carpets?

Polypropylene is a synthetic material meaning it’s man-made. It has very popular due to the combination of its softness, stain resistance and its value for money.

While it has been designed for the modern home, polypropylene is suitable for parents and pet owners. It is also bleach-cleanable, making it easier to remove spillages and stains than any other carpet.

A V & A Top tip – Mix 10% bleach a water solution into a spray bottle to keep handy for that traumatic event when you stain your carpet. You can then easily spray it onto the stain and simply wipe it away. Baby wipes or wet wipes work also work very well.

How do I clean polypropylene carpet?

You can clean your polypropylene carpet by standard methods:

  • Vacuuming— Regular vacuuming is essential as not only does it get rid of loose debris in your carpet, it also brushes back up the pile that naturally starts to flatten due to natural traffic. This then keeps the carpet clean and looking its best for longer.
  • Bleach solution—Polypropylene carpets are known for the ability to remove stains from it. Due to being made in the colour instead of being dyed in the colour such as a wool carpet, it can be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution. This makes removing stains quick and easy.
  • Steam—for a deep clean you can steam clean your carpets. ( Not recommended ). This is not recommended to do often though as it severely reduces the life of your carpet. The steam clean process will clean the carpet but it will also harm the carpet, by affecting and the latex that holds the carpet and its backing together. The process dissolves the glue and you end up getting a ripple effect in your carpet which is called delamination. While delamination is a natural occurrence through time and use (foot traffic), the process used to clean your carpets by steam cleaning them dramatically accelerates this process. Manufacturers will also not take kindly to this if something does go wrong with your carpet.

How to clean carpet with bleach?

If you own a 100% polypropylene carpet, you can bleach-clean difficult stains such as wine, ink and mud. Because of the way the carpet is dyed, it won’t fade.

  1. Use a 10% solution of thin domestic bleach and tap water for the remaining 90% of the bottle.
  2. The easiest way to keep and us this is to keep it in a spray bottle.
  3. Evenly cover the stain
  4. If it doesn’t clean it straight away for stronger stains, repeat and leave for 30–60 minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water
  6. Vacuum to help the fibre to brush up again and remove any stubborn dirt as well while you are there.

Can you steam polypropylene carpets?

Yes you can, but, While you can steam clean your carpets, it isn’t something we recommend. When steam cleaning, the heat and water that go through your carpet weaken the latex keeping your carpet together. Once this has deteriorated it cause delamination. Delamination normally means the end of life for your carpet, which dependant on the carpet you buy, should be many years away and is normally traffic dependant. This process dramatically speeds up the deterioration of your carpet in the parts that you cannot see. So while the visible part of your carpet looks shiny and new again, the parts that you cant see take a heavy hit. We don’t completely deter you from doing so, as Cleaning your carpets can make a world of different visually if you cannot afford to replace your carpets, but this should only be done once or twice in the carpets lifetime.

How will my man-made carpet wear?

Soft, man-made, carpets tend to be soft underfoot and extremely easy to clean and maintain. While these are the strengths of the carpet the slight drawbacks are that these are synthetics carpets and the soft nature means they don’t keep their shape as long as a wool carpet would, for example.

Wool carpets, being a natural products, bounce back into their original position quicker and for longer which allows them to look newer for longer but aren’t as easy to clean.

Man-made carpets thus are less expensive than wool carpets but don’t tend to last the 20-25 years that we’ve found wool carpets tend to do when well looked after.

In short, the thicker and softer the carpet, the quicker you will see a slight flattening in your higher traffic areas. If you are worried about it flattening we suggest going for a short and dense pile, which won’t flatten as qickly and will look better for longer.

Do i have to have my carpets measured?
While we do insist that we measure the areas you wish us to fit the carpet for you, but we are happy to supply carpets based on your own measurements. If you are happy for us to use your measurements, please note that we take no responsibility if the sizes prove to be incorrect. Our measuring service is free of charge to help prevent any incorrect measurements or any other issues that could prevent the fitting being completed on the set day of fitting.
Do you have a showroom i can visit?
Yes, we have 3 showrooms in Trowbridge you can view all carpet and flooring. We have a showroom for Carpets, a Showroom for Wood flooring and yet another showroom for Luxury vinyl tile and Laminate flooring. It does help to see the flooring in larger samples when unsure about your selection.
Can you bring samples to my house?
Yes, we have numerous amounts of sampling to bring to your home to help you make a decision. While we have many samples to choose from, sadly, we cannot bring all the samples with us to your home. Our experienced staff can help you narrow it down over the phone or by letting us know your requirements or what you are looking for from your carpet. Are you looking for something soft and comfortable, hardwearing, durable or something unique with a style or pattern to it? We can then bring a selection which meets your needs to help you make the right choice. This also allows us to measure the areas for you and give you an accurate quote at the same time. Please contact us to book an in-store appointment or a free home measure, or you can book one online via our website out of hours.

General questions

What carpet is best for stairs?
When deciding on carpets for stairs, there is a lot to take into consideration. Ideally, the best carpet for stairs would be a very dense, short pile carpet. This would allow the carpet to look better for longer on your stairs. The short, dense bristles allow then to stay upright for as long as possible to delay flattening of the carpet. A tightly looped carpet is also very good for stairs, this is less likely to flatten and look better for longer. It isn’t advisable to choose these if you have cats in the home. Looped pile carpets tend to offer some resistant for cats which promotes clawing at the carpet. While long piled carpets are more comfortable and luxurious underfoot they will flatten sooner than other carpets on the stairs. This is a risk you will knowing need to decide on when deciding on the stair carpet, either comfort or durability? Underlay also plays a very important part in looking after your stair carpet.
What carpet pile is best?
Choosing the correct pile is very important, this will depend on your requirements from the carpet. Wool carpet tends to keep its shape for longer, with the twist pile bouncing back quickly as it’s a natural fibre. Short pile carpet is less luxurious but looks better for longer as the shorter pile has less to flatten. Longer pile carpets feel softer and luxurious, which allow you to feel the comfort and the pile getting between your toes. While the comfort levels can be very high, these tend to flatten quicker and less likely to retain their original shape because of the long pile. To conclude: Generally, the shorter and tighter pile is better as you can retain the softer feeling with a better or softer underlay while still retaining the appearance of the pile for longer.
Which carpet underlay is best?
Carpet underlay is a fundamental part of buying a new carpet. It’s important that you do some research before replacing your carpet, making sure that you choose the right carpet underlay for each room in your home. Often when we are choosing a new carpet, we focus on buying a beautifully soft carpet that feels really luxurious and soft, only to be disappointed a couple of years later when the carpet feels really hard and flattened. While this is partly because of the type of carpet, underlay also plays a big part in the feel of your carpet. This plays an even larger part over time. It’s definitely recommended to buy new underlay when you replace your carpet, rather than using the existing underlay. The best type of carpet underlay will provide thermal insulation, reduce noise, make the carpet feel softer underfoot and will help the carpet last longer as it acts as a shock absorber. In short, we highly recommend the new blown rubber underlay. It’s recycled, recyclable and has great heat retention. It keeps its original shape for longer whereas PU (foam) underlays tend to flatten over time. When choosing a PU underlay its very important to select one that is very dense and doesn’t give way very easily. While this will portray the effect of being softer now, it will give way very quickly and won’t look after your carpet as well in the years to come.  
What carpets are easy to clean?

Man-made carpets are essentially made to be softer than the traditional wool carpets as well as being easier to clean for today’s modern and busy households.

Carpets that are made out of polypropylene, can easily be cleaned by using a 20% bleach solution on any marks or stains. This makes polypropylene carpets the easiest carpets to clean, as with the bleach solution you can get almost all if not all stains out if treated properly and quickly.

Polymide mix carpets make for amazingly soft and luxurious carpets and make them easy to clean and maintain. sadly they don’t retain their shape over time and use due to their soft nature. Unfortunately, these can not be clean with a bleach solution. These also make for the best soft carpets.

Wool carpets have been dyed and lose their colouring when cleaned profusely. Wool carpets can be cleaned, but not by using chemicals. While wool is harder to clean when having big spills, it is however a natural product that sheds over time. Thus, you might find when staining or marking your wool carpet, they lighten or even disappear over time as the pile sheds (6-12months). Thus almost cleaning itself.

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