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Carpet Types

It can be very daunting on your first journey to buy your very first carpet or flooring for your home if you’ve never had the experience before. There can be many very important things to know when deciding on your final choice, which could affect your sooner and some later. Thats where we come in, with all our wealth in experience to help your along your journey, be it in the many different types of Carpets, Luxury vinyl tile, vinyl or Wood Flooring.

The first things to ask yourself is, what is the most important feature is that you would like the feature to have. The second, is is that what you most need from your new carpet? For example. If you would really like a wool carpet as it’s what you’ve grown up with, know and love but have a young family of 5 which would need a carpet thats resillient to spills and stains. These two (wants & needs) don’t always work together. This makes talking to a experienced professional more important than ever, with more and more carpets being available to us all. To give you very brief breakdown to start, Soft Carpets that have a slightly longer pile (or thread) and are generally composed of entirely man-made materials are known as Saxony carpets. The same composition which has a short pile (threads) and known as Twist Carpets. Looped pile carpets or textured carpets are carpet which have continuous thread looped end over end to create a consistent design. To give you a great understand of these and more, we’ve broken them down in detail below. Once we’ve given you an idea of the different types of flooring, we’lll follow that with what each carpet’s bring you in your home and which would be the best for you, dependant on your needs.

Twist Carpets


  • Twist Carpets are described as two or more fibres twisted together
  • Twist Carpets have a short pile and due to this nature as well as being tightly threaded together ensure they are hard wearing.
  • As Twist Carpets are tightly threaded together and have a short pile they do not show footprints or leave fluff.
  • These are ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, stairs and landings, or any other hogh traffic areas such as a lounge with a walkway through to other busy rooms.

Saxony Carpets


  • A Soxony Carpet is discribed as having a deep pile (longer thread) along with a stright cut.
  • A Saxony Carpet is soft & sumptuous as well as looking luxurious. 
  • Saxony Carpets are ideal for Bedrooms and Lounges due to their soft nature. It’s the first thing you step on (barefoot) when getting out of bed and the area you tend to relax in, in your home which makes these soft and luxurious carpets ideal for those areas.
  • While soft and luxurious, these carpets are less likely to last as long in high traffic areas as a Twist carpet, because of the longer pile, whch will get flattened quicker.

Loop Carpets


  • Loop Carpets are loops of twisted fibres that are left uncut.
  • Loop Carpets can be used to create definition and interesting textures.
  • Loop Carpets create a contemporary appearance.
  • Popular in hallways and other high traffic areas. This is due to the looped nature, allowing itself to create a strong structure where the pie is less likely to flatten than a twist pile carpet would.
  • These are not recommended for homes with pets as claws can catch in the loops and pull the strands out. The tighter the loop the less likely this is to happen.

Patterned Carpets


  • Come in the form of stripes, floral designs, damask and many more.
  • Patterned Carpets will add a new dimension to any room.
  • Patterned Carpets are, almost always, hard wearing
  • Patterned Carpet are either traditionally woven or printed. Woven carpets are very hard wearing and a sign of high quality.
  • Patterned Carpets tend to keep their appliance very well.
  • While patterned carpets come in many different design, shapes, textures and forms, these carpets can normally be entrusted anywhere in the home, any room, on the stairs and hallways as well as Hotels.

Pattern or plain?

Subtle patterns tend to work better in smaller spaces, while bold designs suit larger areas.

Wool or synthetic?

Carpets are made from wool or man made fibres or a combination of the two. Each has it?s advantages: while wool is soft and retains its pile well, synthetics can be ultra stain resistant.

Do I need underlay?

The simple rule is buy the best underlay you can afford. A good underlay will improve the look, feel, insulation and wearability of your carpet. Sponge rubber underlay is soft and luxurious while recycled crumb rubber and polyurethane underlay is a more environmentally-friendly option.

Is carpet the right choice for my room?

Carpet suits most areas of the home, there are even carpets suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. If in doubt, ask one of our flooring experts to help.

How long will it last?

The amount of footfall across your floor is a major consideration and different fibres and blends can be more hardwearing. Again, we’ll be happy to advise you on the right choice.

I’ve got a tight budget.

If you are working to a particular cost, simply start from there and look at the options within your price range. We’ve got a massive selection to suit practically any budget.

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